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The Bedtime Book of Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Life


This must-have first book on dinosaurs and other ancient creatures is filled with beautiful illustrations and storybook text on every page, perfect for early readers who want to know more about the life that once roamed our planet. 

The Bedtime Book of Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Life includes the earliest life that appeared in the ocean, to the giant dinosaurs, and the wonderfully weird mammals that followed them. Children aged 3-5 can discover a huge variety of organisms that are shown within the three chapters, which cover the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic eras. With old favorites, such as Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops, as well as new discoveries, including Yi and Changmiania, there is something for every young fan of the primeval world.

Inside the pages of this exciting dinosaur book, you’ll find:

- An introduction to the essential information about each prehistoric species in a friendly, accessible way.
- Beautiful and accurate illustrations combined with introductory reference text about a wide variety of dinosaurs and other ancient plants and animals.
- Engaging text for young children that can be read aloud – perfect for parents, carers, and children to enjoy at bedtime. 
- A one-hit introduction to prehistoric life, featuring more than 100 animals - an essential addition to every 3–5 year old’s library.

This exciting dinosaur guide helps to develop an early understanding of the prehistoric world for little ones and clearly explains the key features of each animal or plant, as well as how to say their names. A timeless gift book, this is a must-have for parents, carers, and educators who want to introduce core dinosaur knowledge at a young age in a fun and engaging way.