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Stickyscapes Superheroes Peel & Stick Activity Book


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The durable, two-sided poster extends to four feet and features a cityscape for superheroes on one side, and an underground lair for supervillains on the other, complete with a laser defense system and sinister research lab. With over 120 stickers to choose from, you can adorn the poster with super-powered men, women, kids, and animals, as well as their villainous counterparts and a variety of props and objects.

Full of amazing superheroes and dastardly supervillains. Learn all about the villains' super lair and the heroes' superpowers with a fun and interactive text.

Pages: 297
Ages: 4 - 7years
Grades: Preschool - 2
Size: 8 x 11"

Familiar and fun illustration style from Jason Ford