Lovable Stuffies . . for kids AND adults!!

Jellycat Infant Soother Elephant


A sprawly elly with a squishy trunk? I should cocoa! The Shooshu Elephant Soother is... ..

Jellycat Harry Panda Soother (black/white)


 For trips to the zoo and further afield, pack the Jellycat Harry Panda Soother Blankie! Harry's a... ..

Jellycat Mellow Mallow Elly Small


A curvy trunk and big floppy ears make it easy to love an adorable plush... ..

Jellycat Jolie Bunny (oatmeal)


What a ruffly rabbit! Jolie Bunny is bouncing with sparkles in a glittering buttercream dress!... ..

Jellycat Bashful Plum Bunny


 Hopping with goodness! Bashful Plum Bunny has a cute plump tummy and dreamy-soft rich purple... ..

Jellycat Bashful Lion (gold)


‘Lion’ around with a cuddly kind of king! For the King of the Beasts, Bashful... ..

Jellycat Bashful Hippo (medium)


Super soft and loveable, purple lavender hippo. Ready for snuggles and cuddles. 12" heightSuitable from... ..

Jellycat Jolie Kitten (oatmeal)


A very cute cat! Jolie Kitten is so, so sweet, with a gentle expression and... ..

Jellycat Mellow Mallow Hippo Small (mocha)


Hippo hugs for all! Mellow Mallow Hippo is a mocha delight! This cushion-soft hippo has... ..

Jellycat Sneaker Activity Toy (yellow)


Noisy fun for bouncing babies. Skip, jog and jive with the Kicketty Sneaker Activity Toy! This... ..

Rap Cat by Jellycat (grey)


Please welcome to the stage ... Rap Cat! A rhyming rascal with a fluffy grey... ..

Jellycat Minikin Fawn (cocoa)


A very yawny fawn! Shh! Minikin Fawn is asleep, after a long day out munching... ..

Jellycat Amuseable Macaron (chocolate)


Silly, sugary, splendid. Bonjour mes amis! Amuseable Macaron Chocolate is deliciously soft and delighted to... ..

Jellycat Bashful Elephant (grey)


Bashful Elephant has an amazing sense of smell, thanks to that tremendous trunk! With gorgeous... ..

Jellycat Storm Octopus Tiny (blue)


Storm Octopus is a bubbly sort, and you would be too, with eight amazing tentacles!... ..

Jellycat Bashful Unicorn Small (white)


Snowy sparkles and enchanted snuggles! Sugar-sweet in pink and white, Bashful Unicorn is such a... ..

Jellycat Livi Leopard (small)


The little leopard that loafed! Flopsy, snoozy Livi Leopard has been dashing around and needs... ..

Jellycat Odell Octopus Little (Blush)


Odell Octopus gives the very best hugs - eight at a time! Blush pink and squashy,... ..

Jellycat Dexter Dragon Medium (blue)


Most dragons are fiery, but Dexter Dragon is flopsy! No scales for this scamp -... ..

Jellycat Odell Octopus Large (blush)


Get tangled up with gorgeous Odell Octopus! A squishy, splendid brick-red octopus, she has so... ..

Jellycat Inky Octopus Medium (black)


Inky Octopus gives the very best hugs - eight at a time! Blue-black and squashy,... ..

Jellycat Woodland Bunny (small)


Pretty Woodland Babe Bunny is the picture of bunny style, with her fluffy two-tone fur... ..