Lovable Stuffies . . for kids AND adults!!

Jellycat Riverside Rambler Rabbit (beige)


All bundled up and ready to explore, that's Riverside Rambler Rabbit! This latte bunny wears... ..

Jellycat Petalkin Bluebell Doll


Popping up to greet the Spring, it's Petalkin Doll Bluebell! This purple poppet is a... ..

Jellycat Petalkin Rose Doll


Petalkin Doll Rose is so happy to meet you! This friendly fairy has a cozy... ..

Jellycat Amuseable Bluebell


Amuseable Bluebell is full of the joys of Spring! Squat and sweet in a light... ..

Jellycat Amuseable Snowdrop


Amuseable Snowdrop is here to spread cheer when it's chilly and dark at the start... ..

Jellycat Harry Panda Soother (black/white)


 For trips to the zoo and further afield, pack the Jellycat Harry Panda Soother Blankie! Harry's a... ..

Jellycat Bashful Hippo (medium)


Super soft and loveable, purple lavender hippo. Ready for snuggles and cuddles. 12" heightSuitable from... ..

Jellycat Jolie Fawn (tan)


Soft wee hooves and graceful moves! Jolie Fawn is ready for the woodland ball in... ..

Jellycat Amuseable Macaron (chocolate)


Silly, sugary, splendid. Bonjour mes amis! Amuseable Macaron Chocolate is deliciously soft and delighted to... ..

Jellycat Livi Leopard (small)


The little leopard that loafed! Flopsy, snoozy Livi Leopard has been dashing around and needs... ..

Jellycat Dexter Dragon Medium (blue)


Most dragons are fiery, but Dexter Dragon is flopsy! No scales for this scamp -... ..

Jellycat Squiggle Lamb (small)


Full of springtime and giddy with giggles, it's Squiggle Lamb! This funny fellow is a... ..

Jellycat Bumbly Bear (medium)


A ruffly fellow with an extra-long snout for vintage style, he's a classic bear with... ..