Learning Toys

Plus-Plus Tube - Saturn Glow in the Dark (240pcs)


This tube contains 240 pieces and Instructions to build a Saturn V Rocket. Includes new... ..

Plus-Plus Tube - dragon (70pcs)


This tube contains 70+ pieces and instructions to build a Dragon.Plus-Plus is a whole new... ..

Plus-Plus Tube - Triceratops (70pcs)


This Mini Maker Tube includes step-by-step instructions and all the pieces you need to build... ..

Natural History Museum - Tyrannosaurus Rex In A Tin


Need a fun gift for a dino-loving kid? Build a model Diplodocus, one of largest... ..

Tambourine (confetti)


This Tambourine will be a great addition to any musical set> With a lovely sound... ..

Wooden Musical Table (confetti)


This music trio is made up of a xylophone, a cymbal and a drum. Includes 2... ..

Giant 2 - 1 Pull Push Stacking Wooden Train (rainbow)


2-in-1 push pull toy to encourage walking and fine tune balance. Fun while increasing developmental skills.... ..

Wooden Ostrich Stacker Toy


An Early learning toy with 6 large pieces to stack into a wonderful ostrich. But... ..

Baby Forest Activity Table


Baby Forest Activity Table features four fun baby animal activities, keeping a preschooler busy and... ..

Build a Wooden Catapult


Fling small objects across your room as Leonardo da Vinci intended - this kit brings... ..

Build a Grabber Bot


This kit is the perfect activity for your child who has a passion for mechanical... ..

Copernicus Toys Crystal Growing - MAPLE TREE


One of our favorite trees. A Majestic hardwood that has a brilliant orange foliage in... ..

Animal Character Topper Pencil


Kids will enjoy doing homework with these delightful character pencils.  Whale, Dinosaur, Penguin, Robot or... ..

Tipsy Tommy - Baby's First Toy


Tommy is a loyal first years companion that is colorful in appearance and constructed of... ..

Wooden Mini Fire Engine Toy


Baby's first Fire Engine.  Small wooden toy easy for smaller hands.  Will give your toddler... ..

Wood Animal Farm Train


This magnetic colorful train is a 4 car train with removable farm animals.  4 separate... ..

Wooden Construction Trucks


This is a classic wooden construction vehicle set consisting of a realistic operating dump truck... ..

My First Wooden Chunky Puzzle - Butterfly


Classic five piece puzzle with colorful pieced set into a wooden tray that are imprinted... ..

Chunky Wooden Car Puzzle


Classic five piece puzzle with colorful pieced set into a wooden tray that are imprinted... ..

Giant Crazy Crayon - Neon


Coloring will always be an adventure with our kids Giant Neon Crazy Crayon.  Featuring 15... ..

Gem Crayon - Multi Color


Our Crayon Gem will make all your rainbow coloring dreams come true. With just one... ..

Double Pointed Markers - 30 count - Washable


Our set of 30 double-tipped markers feature an ombre of hues rivaled only by a... ..

Confetti Crayons


Add depth to your next coloring project with our Confetti Crayons. Each features a different... ..

Wondrous Watercolor Kit (30 watercolors)


For the budding artist! Kids Wondrous Watercolor Kit has everything you need to paint the... ..