Nook Organic Pure Crib Mattress


Nook Organic Pure Crib Mattress - cloud is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

PURE All Natural Organic mattress. From its organic wool fire barrier to the organic coconut coir and natural rubber tree latex core, the Pure Organic is the most organic crib mattress. Give your baby the best with the Pure Organic crib mattress!

The last 10 years Nook has been creating the safest, highest quality, natural products that use SafeSleep™ Technology to reduce the risk of SIDS and bring you peace of mind.

Ordering:  This item is drop-shipped from Nook. Product can take 2-4 weeks for delivery.  Please call with questions 503-916-0000.

Sample mattresses on display at our store at 3964 Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR.

Benefits of PURE

  • SIDS Prevention - Every inch of the Pure is natural, organic, non-toxic and certified safe and comes with a SafetyCover™ that reduces the risk of SIDS.
  • Dual Sided - Designed to grow with your baby, Nook offers the ultra-firm organic coconut coir side for infants and a firm rubber tree latex side for toddlers. 
  • Organic - Sourced and inspired by nature, every material in the Pure Organic Crib Mattress is derived from the earth.
  • Safe - The Pure's SafeSleep™ Technology promotes airflow over and through the mattress core, creating an oxygen-rich sleep space for baby.
  • Certified Non-Toxic - The Pure Organic Crib Mattress is GREENGUARD Gold certified, meeting the highest standards in air quality and safety.

Dimensions:   28” x 53” x 4”
Weight:           25 lbs.

All Nook crib mattresses are built to the larger variance of Std. US Crib mattress dimension. Nook mattresses are made free of inner-springs, which allows for a bit of 'give' on all sides. This ensures a snug fit at the base of any US standard crib.

Mattress Construction: 

  • Organic Wool Fire Barrier - The mattress is encased with an organic wool fire barrier; flame resistant, chemical free, hypoallergenic that is sustainable and a natural insulator.
  • Organic Coconut Coir  - an ideal substitute for metal inner-springs as it is highly supportive, durable, is all natural and mold and moisture resistant.
  • Natural Rubber Tree Latex - 100% natural, anti-microbial, breathable and supportive rubber tree latex lasts longer than innerspring mattresses. 

Mattress Pebble Cover:  Don't put a non-breathable, waterproof pad on your mattress. Protect your baby AND your mattress with a SafeSleep™ cover.

  • Organic Cotton, Organic Eucalyptus, Organic Cotton/Non-Toxic Poly Blend, Zinc, Easy-Close Nylon Zipper, 3D SafeSleep Technology™
  • The soft, raised patented Pebble design increases the airflow around your baby, optimizing the amount of oxygen your baby gets throughout the night. 
  • Water resistant
  • Care Instructions: Turn SafeSleep™ cover inside out and zip up. Machine wash cover alone in cold water with mild detergent. Line dry or tumble dry on low heat. Do not use fabric softener, chlorine bleach or dryer sheets.
  • Crib sheet optional.

Nook offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on each of its crib mattress cores from date of purchase with proof of purchase and a 1-year Limited Warranty on the Crib Mattress Cover from date of purchase with proof of purchase.