Mystical Animal Surprise Kids Bath Bomb


This Mystical Animal Surprise bath bomb is the perfect gift for any child in your life.

Each Bubble Bath Bomb has a squishy mystical animal hidden inside, which will be revealed as the bath bomb fizzes, bubbles, releases scent, and colors your bath water. Collect all 50 Mystical Animal Squishies! 

Bubble Bath Bombs:

  • Are activated to maximum bubbly-ness by your tub faucet water pressure (drop them in as you fill your tub to watch the magic happen!)
  • Can be used after you fill up the tub for a more traditional bath bomb experience
  • Will leave your kids skin super soft and the scent will linger on their skin and in their room long after bath time ends

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, epsom salts, fragrance oils, olive oil, water-based colorant, witch hazel, and colored sugar.