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Assorted Handmade Bath Bombs

An assortment of fragrant 5 oz. bath bombs made with Shea Butter, one of the best moisturizers for the bath. Made with organic, eco-friendly ingredients by a USA small business.  
Each bath bomb is sold separately.
Available in the following fragrances:
  • Coco & Mango:    Fresh Coconuts + Ripe Mango
  • Cool Cucumber:    Ripe Cucumbers + Honeydew Melons
  • Garden of Zee:      Jasmine + Gardenia
  • Good Vibes:          Fresh Lemongrass
  • Lovely Sunset:       Pomegranates + Apples + Buttercream
  • Papaya & Mango: Ripened Mango + Juicy Papaya
  • Yum Yum:             Cantaloupes + Honeydew Melons


  • All bath bombs are 5 oz. size (tennis ball size)
  • Can be used after the tub fills for a more traditional bath bomb experience
  • Leave the body relaxed and the skin super soft