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Assorted Fruit Rattles by Pebbles


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Friendly fruit rattles are a fun fruit for little ones.  Soft and easy for little hands to hold and carry. Gentle rattle will comfort and delight.  Made by hand. 

Sold separately.
Ages: Newborn and up
  • Height: 5" 
  • 100% cotton and natural materials
  • Bright primary colors
  • Crocheted by hand

Machine Washable: For best results, place your Pebble toy in mesh bag and launder with cool water and non-toxic detergent. Fluff in dryer for a few minutes and then air dry.

Design Philosophy: Made with child development in mind. Colors, textures and shape spark tactile, auditory and visual stimulation.

Made by the women of Bangladesh.  

About Pebbles: Pebbles enables women to help support and keep families together and prevent human trafficking, forced prostitution and unsafe work environments. They walk to work, taking their babies with them where they knit community and love together in each heirloom Pebble toy.