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The Super Book for Super Heroes by Jason Ford


The Super Book for Super Heroes is a compendium of ideas, drawing, coloring, and activities that allows you to create your own crusaders for justice. 
You will learn to draw villains such as the Mad Scientist, Bog Creature and more while also creating superheroes, their sidekicks, secret hideouts, outfits, and super gadgets.
And there are superpowers to discover – such as invisibility, super strength, speed, flight, heat vision, teleportation, and X-ray vision.

This book is a must for anyone wanting to create their own superhero universe!

• Strong interactive element with illustrations to color, finish, and create, as well as activities to do
• Contains four sheets of cards and figures, and two sheets of stickers
• Perfect for children aged six upwards

Jason Ford is a freelance illustrator whose approach has been heavily influenced by his childhood diet of Tintin and Marvel comics. His work has been commissioned by The Royal Mail, New York Times, Penguin Books, and The Guardian.

  • Paperback with Flaps
  • 200 illustrations
  • 128 pages
  • Size: 11 x 8 in