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Penny is Bored | Moodies Book & Pillow

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Make it easy to share Big Feelings with The Moodies! Foster little ones' emotional development with these award-winning Cuddly Storybooks. Penny, Elliot & their friends help children learn about and express emotions. Each of these Social Emotional Learning Toys was crafted along with early childhood development experts.

Penny's story is about a little potato who is bored of lying around in the dirt all day, drinking water, and trying to grow a bit bigger. Fortunately, Penny meets a roly-poly named Steve who shows her a bit of adventure and how to deal with boredom.

Elliot supports children with:

  • Kindness & Self-acceptance
  • Acknowledging their need
  • Sensory & situational overwhelm
  • Embrace & celebrate your differences
  • Finding ways to express yourself


  • Plastic & waste-free packaging
  • Each Moodie comes in an "It's cool to be kind" backpack
  • Butter Soft 100% Premium Cotton
  • Hypoallergenic Poly Stuffing
  • Machine Washable
  • Age: 1-5 years - Created with Early Childhood Development Experts