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Lillster Nacho Socks (beige)

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Lillster produces quality socks for the family that don't ride down.  This Nacho sock is golden beige, like a taco shell with blue strips on the top.  Socks that stay on small quick feet. Lillster's clean anti-slip protection in sizes 16-21 and 22-27. OEKO-TEX certified.

  • Slip protection: in sizes 6 mo thru 4 yrs.
  • Perfect gift or as a "go-away-gift".

RECOMMENDED CARE: Cool water wash, inside out, air dry
MATERIAL:   90% cotton, 10% lycra (OEKO-TEX certified, free from phthalates).

SUSTAINABILITY:  Tube socks are Oeko-tex certified. The socks are designed in Sweden. Produced in Sweden and/or Turkey. we have full transparency in working conditions and policy. We also award the socks our own quality logo, "the heart leaf", which stands for environmental awareness and consideration for its wearers.

We have chosen to start a collaboration with, in addition to our factory in Sweden, a factory in Turkey. The factory is Oeko-tex certified. In this way we can ensure that the socks do not contain any harmful substances and that working conditions are good. Here we can make the whole stocking in one and the same factory and thus avoid unnecessary freight factories between. 

Why also produce in Turkey?

  • We meet our customers' demand for more socks with anti-slip / slip protection.
  • We raise the quality one more snap and extend its service life.
  • We now make the entire sock in one and the same factory, which minimizes unnecessary freight routes. 

The biggest climate bug is consumption and, above all, overconsumption. However, everyone needs socks. If you buy good socks you can have them for a long time, sell on or let someone inherit. You don't throw a Lillster sock. It's like throwing a soul. Each Lillster stocking has its own personality and story. This is because we want to make the socks a little fun for the kids but also because we want to highlight that things are not soulless. This we think is a way to a more conscious consumption where you buy good things that you actually need. 

ORIGIN:  Designed in Sweden.    Made in Turkey.