Jellycat Odell Octopus (little)


Odell Octopus gives the very best hugs - eight at a time! Blush pink and squashy,... ..

Jellycat Squiggle Fox (small)


Suitable from birth. Made from 100% polyester. Hand wash only; do not tumble dry, dry... ..

Petit Collage Bunny Organic Soft Chime Ball


Meet our handmade 100% organic soft cotton chime balls. With super soft crinkly ears perfect... ..

Jellycat Lollopylou Unicorn Jitter


Bring some bounce to bedtime with Lollopylou Jitter! A bold little buddy in a cascade... ..

Jellycat Bumbly Bear (small)


A ruffly fellow with an extra-long snout for vintage style, he's a classic bear with... ..

Jellycat Woodland Babe Bunny (small)


Pretty Woodland Babe Bunny is the picture of bunny style, with her fluffy two-tone fur... ..

Jellycat Squiggle Elephant (blue)


Squiggle Elephant has an amazing sense of smell, thanks to that tremendous trunk! If you’re doing... ..

Jellycat Bashful dino (small)


Bashful Dino is making history! Soft, not scaly, this mossy matey has chunky stomper-feet, a... ..

Jellycat Odell Octopus (large)


Get tangled up with gorgeous Odell Octopus! A squishy, splendid brick-red octopus, she has so... ..

Jellycat Squiggle Kitty (small)


Ruffly, scruffly bumbles and tumbles - all in a day’s work for Squiggle Kitty! This... ..

Jellycat Nibbles Oatmeal Bunny


 Nibbles Oatmeal Bunny is nuzzly-neutral and such a good buddy to little warren-mates. This snuggly... ..

Jellycat Squiggle Puppy


A little beige bundle, Squiggle Puppy is always rolling and springing about! His flippy-floppy ears,... ..

Jellycat Cyril Sloth


We can’t get over how gorgeous  Cyril Sloth is. No wonder this little guy moves so... ..

Jellycat Bashful Poodle (small)


Bashful Poodle comes from fabulous France, and has blush colored fur that you can’t help... ..

Jellycat Bashful Giraffe (small)


The perfect present for a caring keeper, Bashful Giraffe is loving and loyal, if a... ..

Jellycat Bashful Flamingo (small)


Bashful Flamingo is bubblegum-pink and a very good friend to babies and tots. This bonny... ..

Jellycat Sacha Snow Leopard


Sacha Snow Tiger is romping across the ice to meet you! With warm grey and... ..

Jellycat Bashful Bunny Grey (medium)


In Bashful Grey Bunny’s warren, everything is silver! His soft bed, his teapot, even his... ..

Jellycat Dainty Kitten


Dainty Kitten is a true showstopper with those magic holographic booties! This cat loves dancing... ..

Jellycat Pobblewob Elephant


t's hard work being brilliant. Pobblewob Elephant has earned a sit-down! An elegant elly in... ..

Jellycat Inky Octopus (little)


Inky Octopus gives the very best hugs - eight at a time! Blue-black and squashy,... ..

Jellycat Squiggle Lion (small)


King of the jungle will be king of your heart!   H10" Please do not leave... ..

Jellycat Nibbles Oatmeal Bunny (large)


Nibbles Oatmeal Bunny is nuzzly-neutral and such a good buddy to little warren-mates. This snuggly... ..

Jellycat Bashful Bunny Cream (small)


Bashful Cream Bunny’s gorgeous long ears look like two big dollops of clotted cream. Mmmm!... ..